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It is the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related situations or events including diseases, injuries, disabilities, procedures and death in specified human populations and the application of this study to control health related problems.

G7 SYNERGON’s epidemiology team has developed unique techniques for providing EPI estimation services. We have a panel of specialists across all the therapeutic areas. Our experts are specialized in scientific literature research, critical review and synthesis of the epidemiological evidence, offering insights for practical decision making.

We offer epidemiology estimates based on scientific literature reviews. Our service of epidemiological concept and method offers powerful, data-based solutions to a wide range of health risk challenges. We offer advanced, accurate and population-based services in health-related situations/conditions, and risk factors which are innovative, precise and customized to suit the needs of our clients.

G7 SYNERGON Epidemiology services :

•  Customized EPI tools
•  In-depth evaluation of disease parameters
•  Assessing business opportunities for new products
•  Providing patient estimates / projections for brand / market focus
•  Understanding diseases dynamics region wise over a period of time



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