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Natural Products

The pharmaceutical sector is focused on development of new drugs, innovative/indigenous processes for known drugs and development of plant-based drugs through investigation of leads from the traditional systems of medicine. Scientifically validated and technologically standardized botanical medicines will play an important role in future advancement in healthcare. Plants provide an extensive reservoir of natural products, demonstrating significant structural diversity and offer a wide range of new molecules.

G7 SYNERGON is focused on novel product development, herbal extraction, isolation, purification and characterization of bio-active molecules.

We offer the following services:

•  Isolation of bioactive compounds based on bioactivity guided fractionation of herbal extracts
•  Isolation of Biological & Chemical markers for standardization of herbal extracts
•  Development & Standardization of extraction procedures (refluxation, soxhlation etc.,) for medicinal plants
•  Purification of phytochemicals using different techniques viz., Liq-liq partitioning, column chromatography, medium pressure liquid chromatography and HPLC
•  Development & Standardization of in-vitro & in-vivo pharmacological assays for Diabetes, Oncology, Depression, Pain & Inflammation, Alzheimer`s & Osteoporosis  [biochemical, cell based & ADME assays] for natural products
•  Stability studies for the herbal products
•  Microbiological studies – Isolation & Identification of pathogens from herbal products




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