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Cell Biology

The use of cell based assays within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is driven largely by the need to evaluate the plethora of drug targets derived from genomics and proteomics. G7 SYNERGON provides high throughput, custom - designed cell based assays for molecular targets like Diabetes, Oncology, Alzheimer’s, Pain & Inflammation, Osteoporosis, Screening of compounds and for Proof of Concept for drug molecules.

Our services include:

Cell line development

•  Development of stable and transient cell lines by using transfection methods for various targets


Cell Based assays

•  Development, validation and high throughput screening of compounds for Drug targets
•  FACS based assays are performed for cell cycle analysis, cell surface expression of target proteins, drug transport
•  Screening assays for detection and measurement of drug induced apoptosis & TUNEL assay
•  Evaluating the Cytotoxic property of the test compounds using assays such as MTT & Alamar blue reduction
•  Insulin secretion assay using RIN m5F cells by sandwich ELISA method
•  GPCR cell lines assay development
•  Effect of PTH and screening of compounds on UMR106 Osteoblast cells – GPCR assay for Osteoporosis
•  MCF-7 cell proliferation assay for Estrogenic activity
•  Permeability studies – Caco-2, MDR1 transfecting in MDCK cells
•  Target selection, Validation, Screening of compounds and Data analysis with reference compounds



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