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Molecular Biology

Molecular biology deals with the study of biology at the molecular level which enables understanding the interactions and regulation of various systems in the cell comprising DNA, RNA and protein.  Advances in Molecular Biology have greatly influenced the success in development of high throughput screening assays, diagnostics and therapeutics.

G7 Synergon provides a wide range of molecular biology services in the areas of cloning, gene expression, sequencing and diagnostic applications using qPCR:

Functional Services

•  Studying gene expression by RT-PCR method
•  DNA cloning, gene expression and blotting services (Western, Northern & Southern)
•  E.coliand mammalian cell systems

Gene Expression - Mammalian Cell Lines

•  Expression of clones in mammalian stable cell lines such as CHO-K1 and HEK 293
•  Generation of stable cell lines, expressing recombinant proteins
•  Clonal selection, Amplification, Analysis of expression by various biochemical and functional methods




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