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Medicinal Chemistry

The scientists at the Medicinal Chemistry Department have vast experience in Drug designing for various therapeutics areas such as Tuberculosis, Antifungal, Antiviral, Oncology, Metabolic disorders

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology deals with the study of biology at the molecular level which enables understanding the interactions and regulation of various systems in the cell comprising DNA, RNA and protein.  Advances in

Cell Biology

The use of cell based assays within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is driven largely by the need to evaluate the plethora of drug targets derived from genomics and proteomics.

DMPK Services

Preclinical DMPK studies are designed to investigate the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of new chemical entities / Natural products to support drug discovery program in the

Diagnostic Applications

G7 Synergon provides customers with an unmatched quality using state of the art technology. We are committed to provide the highest quality testing services by the most experienced staff.

Natural Products

The pharmaceutical sector is focused on development of new drugs, innovative/indigenous processes for known drugs and development of plant-based drugs through investigation of leads from the traditional


The research vertical in this area provides services which adequately meet the client requirements in the spheres of development of synthetic drugs (Target identification, Validation and Lead optimization) and isolated


Microbiology refers to the study of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses.  Microbiological testing of food, pharmaceuticals and natural products is essential for ensuring product safety.At G7 SYNERGON, we have fully equipped

Key Bioanalytical Services

Bio-analytical testing provides quantitative measurement of an active drug or its metabolites.  Custom specific and sensitive bio-analytical methods are required to make these measurements.

In-Vivo Services

In drug discovery, compounds with good ADME properties have to be further checked for efficacy and toxicity, which are crucial in deciding the fate of lead molecules.




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